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Reason to Travel by Bicycle

For the majority of people, road travel by bicycle can be pretty scary and odd. Indeed, being exposed to the open air for almost twenty-four hours is clearly not the best option, even for those backpackers who often sleep in random places. However, those who practice this travel method do not seem to get bothered at all by those perceptions. For them, traveling by bicycle offers different benefits that can help them achieve the essence of traveling.

At this point, you may be wondering about the reasons that motivate them to willingly ignore all safety-related alerts and choose to be on the road all day. This article discusses these motivations as it aims to give you another deep insight into different types of travel that you can try. Of course, risks are part of this option, just like it always becomes part of any trips and journeys.

a tarveler standing in front of a bike

Minimal Travel Essentials

Those who are accustomed to living on a bicycle state that their life has become much more simple by choosing to wander around with their bikes. At some points, they even come to the conclusion that they can minimize travel essentials by traveling this way. Instead of spending money to rent a room or a hotel, these people are down for another mile as long as they are still strong enough to push the pedals. In short, they no longer think about additional essentials, such as tickets and overnight accommodations, but focus only three main essentials, which are food, sleep, and the journey itself. If you are a brave traveler who wants to challenge yourself not to spend more than a hundred dollars for your trip, you can switch to this method.

Flexible Schedule

Another reason to take part in this anti-mainstream trip is that it allows people to arrange a flexible schedule. The conventional ways of traveling often include waiting for the train or plane, meaning that they need to stick to the schedule. It will be different if you prefer to go by bicycle. You can go when you want to go without having to wait at the airport or train station.


The discussion about affordable accommodation is always part of travelers’ daily conversation. Fortunately, they can go wherever they want using this method if they have limited budgets. You can avoid renting a room or booking a ticket and use the money for other essentials.…